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    —Netflix would be by far the best dating site. “Here are 9 other singles in your area who have also watched Breaking Bad for 12 straight hours”


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Buttermilks | climber: @dawoods89 | photographer: @nervousone


    Buttermilks | climber: @dawoods89 | photographer: @nervousone

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    Me reblogging this is my contribution to earth day

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    if i had a dollar for every time an adult asked me about college then i’d have enough money to pay for college


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    Happy Easter.

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In honor of the two conflicting holidays.


    In honor of the two conflicting holidays.

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  13. The more I study global environmental politics the more I see it as a group of students trying to do a project and those are always gonna be those assholes that don’t do shit and everyone else works really hard and if they get a good grade then the asshole also gets a good grade and if the whole thing turns out shitty cause someone didn’t do their work, then everybody’s stuck with a shitty grade…. except this is the earth and that right there should make people be like oh there’s no extra credit earth incase this one doesn’t go over well. 

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    This show was fucking gold don’t know why it was cancelled

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