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    1. Judge everyone and everything immediately and without question


    2. It’s better to be brutally honest than not stick to your principals


    3. Expletives make the lady


    4. Don’t waste your breath on those who don’t deserve it


    5. Never lower your…

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    "But in the end, it’s only a passing thing, this shadow. Even darkness must pass."

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    The Two Key Qualities of a Classic Nic Cage Action Film

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  7. Greetings,
    For the summer I have an internship in the High Sierra National Forest and my access to internet will be spotty along with my posting. I will return to my normal postings at the end of summer, so I ask you dearly to have faith and I shall return to you. Have wonderful summer adventures!

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    The new Godzilla movie looks great.

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    the office theme song feels like home.